Real Christmas Trees are best!

The Facts about Real Christmas Trees.

Helping the Environment

Choosing a real Christmas tree simply makes sense for our planet, in so many ways...

  • Your real tree cleans our air, collecting the carbon dioxide and providing fresh oxygen. Artificial trees are made from petroleum products, and most of them come all the way from the Far East, using all the fuels that traveling 3,000 miles or more includes!

  • Every tree that is cut is replaced. Across the nation millions of trees will be replaced each year, and will continue to help keep our air, our water, and our land clean.

  • Real trees are recyclable, and have lots of uses after the Christmas season. Uses range from being mulched up and used in various applications, providing floating boons in our waterways and protectors of soil erosion and pollution in our fields and on beaches and riverbanks. Some are actually sunk into lakes and large ponds and become habitats and feeding grounds for fish and other creatures!

Helping Our Economy Grow

The North Carolina Christmas tree industry is ranked second in the nation, behind Oregon with 37 million trees grown in the state. Most artificial trees are not made here at home.While 96% of those trees grown are Fraser Firs, all the trees grown east of the mountains are on a choose and cut farm. Depending on your location, choosing to buy a North Carolina Christmas tree helps your state’s economy, and may also support your communities economy!

Bringing Families Together

Choosing and cutting your locally grown Christmas tree is an experience the whole family can enjoy together. A natural and exciting process, you will be creating family traditions and memories that will last a lifetime. No one ever remembers the day they bought the tree at the supermarket!

Spend an entire day finding your perfect Christmas tree while visiting an Eastern North Carolina Christmas tree grower’s farm, get some photos with the family on the farm, enjoy dining at an area restaurant, find local shopping or attend an area event. Many farms are located in unique regions of the state and offer opportunities to travel with the family and explore new places. Let this be the year you create holiday memories with the tradition of visiting a choose and cut Christmas tree farm.

Home grown, and family friendly - Welcome to your new Christmas tradition!